Wednesday, February 4, 2009


After 2 weeks' engwr 300 class, I seem to meet a pretty big problem.
It all starts with the first reading response assignment. I read the assigned paragraphs, understanded well with the help of the mighty online dictionary, understanded the topic I should write on perfectly, and got stuck with the actual work.
I have almost no experience in America. I'm not familiar with the American culture, I'm not familiar with the American politic structure, I'm not familiar with the American history, I'm...... eh, I'm not an American (at least right now).
The quickwrite on the Super Bowl topic struck me harder. Sadly I've never been near the field of American football. All I know is the two teams are trying to take the ball and go past the line while preventing the other to do so, that's all. So I was just literally sitting there doing nothing.
Here comes my cry for help: anyone have any idea for me to be part of the whole enviroment in a quicker way? I know accumulation is a must for it, just looking for a faster way.
I don't usually ask for such a thing as a comment, but I need your advice in it.
Thank You


  1. You seem to like movies, so why not start there? There are plenty of movies that reflect the American Dream and America's history. Need a football movie? "Remember the Titans" is a classic. If you have a good attention span, the History Channel has a lot of documentaries. For culture movies, just ask for favorites.

    Another way is just talking with people. You can get a lot of information just from asking someone's opinion on a topic or about their childhood.

    Wikipedia is a common source to get an understanding on pretty much everything.

    I hope those three suggestions help some. :)

  2. nickname3girl (I'm not sure who that is at the moment) has some good suggestions. Movies can actually be a wealth of information about culture, as well as being entertaining.

    All I can really say is to do your best and ask for help or clarification when you need it. I will be happy to talk to you about any confusion your might have. s far as quickwrites go, generally they will be less specific than the Super Bowl question, so you shouldn't have too much to worry about.

  3. Jenny and nickname3girl do have great suggestions. I must confess, I don't understand football. All I see are men in tight clothes tackling each other every few yards. It's almost like ballet with aggression. The only reason you need to sit and figure it out is so you too can be able to talk about football with the "guys". You will find certain teams bring about a different kind of personality disorder. For instance, the Raider's fans are very true to their colors. They usually drive silver or black cars and trucks. They always have the emblems on their vehicles too. You are better off watching movies to learn.