Monday, February 16, 2009

nice snow

My dad, with the golden retriever

Me, trying to pitch the snowball to the box I drew earlier on the wall~~

My uncle, and his faithful dogs.

My mom, with her niece (actually her niece-in-law......)
Too bad, there's not a single scene where my aunt and my grandma appears.
We didn't have much snow back in Shanghai, where I lived for 19 years in China. Maybe it's just too humid. There were only two heavy snows in my memory. I missed one by going to Japan last year, and the other one broght me a pretty well memory.
2004, the first year I leave middle school and get in the vocational school. Because of something happened in my senior years in middle school, I shutted my self from the public, then a girl in the class rescued me from the lonely hell I made for myself (this is a long story, I'll tell it in another post later). She became my best friend.
It was Christmas(or Christmas eve, can't remember so well) , one ordinary school day in China, when all classes ended, we headed back to the dorms, and suddenly found that it is covered with snow outside, and almost everyone was playing with snow, even the staffs. Being kids, and especially kids in Shanghai, we just couldn't resist the fun. It became one of my best memories in years.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


After 2 weeks' engwr 300 class, I seem to meet a pretty big problem.
It all starts with the first reading response assignment. I read the assigned paragraphs, understanded well with the help of the mighty online dictionary, understanded the topic I should write on perfectly, and got stuck with the actual work.
I have almost no experience in America. I'm not familiar with the American culture, I'm not familiar with the American politic structure, I'm not familiar with the American history, I'm...... eh, I'm not an American (at least right now).
The quickwrite on the Super Bowl topic struck me harder. Sadly I've never been near the field of American football. All I know is the two teams are trying to take the ball and go past the line while preventing the other to do so, that's all. So I was just literally sitting there doing nothing.
Here comes my cry for help: anyone have any idea for me to be part of the whole enviroment in a quicker way? I know accumulation is a must for it, just looking for a faster way.
I don't usually ask for such a thing as a comment, but I need your advice in it.
Thank You